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Search Engine Optimisation
Getting to Page 1 on Google can't be that hard can it?

The reality is that yes it is. Every Nettl site is optimised for search engines as standard but the truth is that Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and ever-changing environment that takes some serious commitment.

Put simply, SEO is all about your site's relevance and authority

Relevance (or on-page SEO) is all about whether or not the search engines can find information on your site that is relevant to whatever it is the user is looking for. For instance, if the user types in 'tennis balls' into Google, they expect your site to have some relevance to tennis balls.

Authority (or off-page SEO) is about how much the search engines trust your site and thus determines where it ranks in the listings.

The rules are varied, complex and change constantly according to the search engine and its algorithms. Despite what you may be told, there are no quick wins. It's complex and laborious work but is absolutely worth it if you get it right.

We've already started the process by making your site relevant so call us today to see how we can help you keep up the momentum.
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